This package includes 4 x 2-hour surf lessons which can be taken over a period of a few days.
We cover everything from surf safety and ocean awareness, to paddling technique, how to stand up and surf the waves, turning and trimming green waves to wave selection and rules of the surf.

After four surf lessons you are guaranteed to be ready to venture off into the appropriate 'beginner' surf on your own. We will advise what equipment is best for you and should you decide to purchase your own gear, we will even arrange discounted prices on equipment.

Lesson 1:

Basic introduction to surfing in waist deep water including:

  • Ocean awareness, conditions and safety
  • Familiarising students with the equipment and board control
  • How to walk out and catch waves followed by learning how to stand up and ride the waves.

Lesson 2:

Conducted in waist deep water. The skill of standing up is reinforced and refined in addition to following:

  • Correct paddling techniques
  • Effects of foot position to change direction and speed on the wave

Lesson 3:

Skills from lesson 2 are practiced in waist to chest depth water along with the introduction of:

  • Techniques for paddling out through the surf
  • 'Surfer's swivel'
  • Wave selection

Lesson 4:

Paddling out to chest or out of depth water (student skill and or comfort level dependent) applying techniques taught in lesson 3 along with learning more advanced skills of:

  • Directional changes on the wave
  • Angle take offs

Surfing knowledge and general ocean understanding will be built on with each lesson including surf safety, weather/surf and wave predictions, board design and personal board selection including wetsuit construction and surfing terminology.

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