We offer a refined and comprehensive programme which has evolved from years of practical tutoring experience. We cater for the absolute beginner to expert freestyle and wave riding levels.
We are fully equipped with the gear needed to get you started.
Our training gear consists of the latest F.One training kites which offer the latest and most advanced safety systems on the market, enabling you to 100% kill the power of the kite in an instant by simply letting go the bar of the kite.
Our instructors take a maximum of two people per lesson in order for you to achieve the maximum from all our kitesurfing courses!
Our kite school is mobile and is operational on a year round daily basis.

Lesson Structure

Level 1: 2 hours Basic Setup and Kite flying

  • Theoretical breakdown of what you need to know and beware of when kitesurfing
  • Wind Orientation
  • Setting up a 4 line kite
  • Assisted kite launching
  • Emergency procedures
  • Basic kite flying

Level 2 : 2hours Advanced kite flying and basic body dragging

  • Advanced 4 line kite flying
  • Self launching
  • Skill strengthening
  • Water relaunching
  • Basic body dragging
We recommend taking the above 2 modules together. It is better to go straight from module 1 into module 2 so that everything is fresh in your mind, and coming for module 3 on your own equipment(if you don't have then we can provide) so that you are familiar with your own equipment safety and can proceed confidently on your own from then on.

Level 3 : 1 hour Advanced Body Dragging

One on one lesson with instructor
  • Recap of kite set up
  • Advanced upwind body dragging
  • Recap of anything you unsure of, or any weaknesses

Level 4 : 1 hour Boardwork

One on one lesson with instructor
  • Basic of kite control with your board in hand
  • Getting on the board
  • Kite control whilst edging on the board
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